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Posted on February 19 2021

Micaiah Carter | Basically Black History Series | BASICALLY. By PinkGrasshopper

This week we celebrate, Micaiah Carter:

  • Carter has captured some of your favorite brands like Pyer Moss, Nike, Adidas, and Thom Browne and been featured in Time Magazine, Adweek, The New York Times, and Vogue, just to name a few
  • Self-acknowledging his intentional use of the “past as a compass” while “shooting new trajectories”, Micaiah Carter’s work encapsulates the connection between our Black history and our Black futures
  • Capturing the presence and confidence in the subjects of his work, Carter connects with the Basically. Clothing aesthetic which takes the basics of our wardrobe and through quality pieces and styling, takes them to another level

Micaiah Carter makes it very clear that his style and approach to photography is heavily influenced by the 1970’s, as viewed through his father’s lense. Images captured in old albums, photographers and artists of the 70’s, as well as the political and social frames of the time, including the Black Power Movement, and the “Black is Beautiful” movement; a time full of intention of capturing not only the beauty of Blackness, but also the diversity and complexity of Black people asserting and influencing style and culture. The influence of this era is translated through Carter’s work, which is described as “communicating a radical presence and spirituality wrapped in cool confidence” and “bringing depth, pride, and narrative” to the subjects of his work.


As much as a personal and cultural Black history shows up in Carter’s work, his voice is unmistakable. Carter’s use of light, backdrop, styling, and focus shows the high esteem in which he holds Black culture; of the work of capturing and projecting this culture he says,“I think it is important to to create images that show Black faces in this light because it gives representation to the moments we thought no one could understand or express”. The projection of Black beauty and style through photography is a key component of the celebration and furthering of Black people’s influence in fashion. The lense through which Micaiah Carter chooses to capture and project this beauty, style, and culture is the exciting, hopeful, and one to continue to watch.


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