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Basically. Clothing By PinkGrasshopper - Home to The New White Tee.

Boxy. Stiff. Polyester. Ill-fitting. A woman whose ever worn a t-shirt knows how boxy feels.

Now, there’s a new feel in town. 

Like the old adage: When you get lemons, make lemonade! Basically!

Founder and Chief Designer Mia Campbell did just that! She says, “No more fitting into his mold.  It’s time we make a tee of our own!”

Basically Clothing has designed a tee to flatter a woman’s assets. “We took out the box and cut a curve that accentuates the woman’s curves. Made of the softest fabric. Durable. Sexy!

The New White Tee has relaxed fit and pre-cuffed sleeves. Truly! This Tee is everything you knew you wanted but couldn’t find.

Until now! A tee for her. The new king.

Comfortable. Well made. Chic. Effortless. Your style.

We’re home to The New White Tee! Basically.