The Best White T-shirt You'll Ever Own

Basically Staff

Posted on March 08 2019

The Best White T-shirt You'll Ever Own | BASICALLY. By PinkGrasshopper

Boxy. Stiff. Polyester. Ill-fitting. A woman whose ever worn a t-shirt knows how boxy feels.

Now, there’s a new feel in town. 

Like the old adage: When you get lemons, make lemonade! Basically!

Founder and Chief Designer of Basically Clothing, Mia Campbell, did just that! She says, “No more fitting into his mold. It’s time we make a t-shirt of our own!”

Basically Clothing has designed a t-shirt to flatter a woman’s assets. “We took out the box and cut a curve that accentuates the woman’s curves. Made of the softest fabric. Durable. Sexy!"

The New White Tee has a relaxed fit and pre-cuffed sleeves. Truly! This T-shirt is everything you knew you wanted but couldn’t find. 

Until now! A t-shirt for her. The new king.

Comfortable. Well made. Chic. Effortless. Versatile style. 

The best white t-shirt you'll ever own.

Basically Clothing is home to The New White Tee! 



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