Stylish Reusable Face Mask (18 Colors)

Stylish Reusable Face Mask (18 Colors)

$12.00 USD $20.00 USD

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Stylish Reusable Protective Face Mask comes with two (2) PM2.5 Filters. Not medical grade but does meet “non-medical grade cloth face covering” standard as required in cities across the U.S. to wear whenever in public. 

Breathable and comfortable- 100% cotton with adjustable ear loops. One size fits all (adults).  

For children’s size, please click here: Children’s Face Masks

Washable and reusable- hand wash to keep color and shape. 

Additional notes: 

1. plug-in filter can not be cleaned, we suggest replacement of filter once a week
2. if the filter becomes stained with oil on the film or with sticky sediment stains, etc. please replace the filter
3. if the air does not flow in a way for you to breathe comfortably or you have trouble breathing, please prohibit use
4. children under the age of two and sleeping in masks should be prohibited